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Brothers in Hops

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Today Ninkasi announced that they had decided to pare up with another great brewery, Sierra Nevada to do a collaboration. Of sorts.


Opening the gates to a great collaboration.

Instead of getting together to tag team a beer like you might expect the two power house breweries decided to go a slightly more artist route.

As most people know by now Sierra Nevada is opening another Brew-house on the east coast and to adorn the front entrance to their eastern (imperial) expansion they teamed up with Ninkasi to create something that is both beautifully crafted and rustically practical.


As a fellow brewer -and I’d like to think. somewhat decent human being- I love to see collaborations between Microbreweries. Sure, there is a bit of industry competitiveness growing in the Microbrewery world as markets are saturated and margins narrow but when you really break it down most brands have the same core values and desires to brew the best product they possibly can and in socially responsible way. They have a passion for their craft and a dedication to their consumer which I think as common ground can bridge any divide.

So Kudos to you Sierra Nevada and Ninkasi! You an example I hope we can all learn from


The Imperial Expansion of the Corporate Macro Breweries

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Change has come to the world of beer, the people have spoken and Craft is on the rise but don’t count the Industrial Macro brands out yet, you can bet they won’t just take this this lying down.

All Hail the King

All Hail the King

I don’t claim to be a beer blogger, or a beer critic – just a drinker turned brewer with a story to tell- and even I usually try to stay out of beer politics this issue has touched me so deeply that by the power invested in me by the internet I will add my voice to the shrieks of dismay as my Idols make deals with the devil.

It seems only befitting that one of the largest beer producers in the world has dubbed itself the “King of Beers”, a title that is supported not only by its 25% share of the World Beer market but also by its ability to subjugate its rivals (I know, I know, Budweiser isn’t the name of the company, only one of its largest brands, but give me a break I’m taking a little creative le way here).

Since the beginning of the Craft Revolution, Industrial Macro beer producers have done their best to crush the rising tide of small breweries, but in the last 30 years (in the U.S at least) Micro-brewers have slowly but surely made a great deal of progress. Now faced with such a formidable opponent Macro Corporations have, out of frustration (or business brilliance) decided to simply buy its competition out. As some great philosopher once said “If you can’t beat them, buy them out and make them your bitch” or something along those lines.

Alright, perhaps that’s a harsh way of putting it, but  AB InBev and MillerCoors have recently become pimp to quite a few microbreweries claiming  their corner in exchange for protection and money. Most recently 10 Barrel Brewing and Elysian Brewing Company have traded in their freedom for a chain and a massive bank roll.  The business man in me wants to give both of them a high five and buy them a drinking for “Making it big”. Not only have the founders of these microbreweries been able to finally really cash in on their hard earned work but now the sky is the limit for both brands.  In the article written by Chris Furnari over at Brewbound (Inside A-B InBev’s Acquisition of Elysian Brewing ) The owners of Elysian Brewing Company make some pretty rational points on how “teaming up” with Ab InBev will allow them to grow and expand their Brand in ways never seen before.  Everything from lab facilities, bulk orders and country wide distribution (oh, and let’s not forget a bankroll the size of a countries gold reserve) will allow Elysian to finally become the brewery it was meant to be. . Truly these companies have achieved the American Dream of success.

And with an industry becoming overly saturated with competition this transaction will make sure that Elysian comes out on top during the next few difficult years claims its founders. Though I’d argue that a brand like Elysian would never really be in any true danger of going under.

However, the beer drinking moralistic hophead in me is going through a swing of depression that makes the Pacific Northwest’s weather seem sunny by contrast. I feel like a jilted lover. Absolutely Betrayed. I feel like I was stabbed in the back and abandoned in a rain of mediocre light lager. And you want to know the worst part? The worst part is they said they did it all for me, that they sold out in order to better meet and please my demand as a consumer. How little they know me if they thought that is what I desired. How little they know if they thought that is what would make me happy. I liked them the way they were. I appreciated them for their faults and their accomplishments, their success and their failures.

However, this innocent bystander certainly isn’t the only one  to notice how ironic (hypocritical?) this is?

Alright before I get too emotional I’ll just end there. The point is I see the buying out of microbreweries as simply a new tactic in the KINGS fight against the craft revolution, with me as simply a causality of war. Will I stop drinking Elysian and 10 Barrel for a time? Yes. Will I stop drinking it forever? Who knows.? But more importantly would I ever sell out? And the truth is, I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t do the same, because damn does that devil king have a silver tongue ( And some awesome freaking horses).

*Full disclosure- The author of this article was in love with Elysian Brewing Companies Avatar IPA

*Full Full disclosure-  More than a few beers might have been consumed during the writing of this as a coping mechanism.


Still Rocking

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You know those times when you have the proverbial writers block to work around? When you sit staring at your computer screen for hours on end as the text cursor simply blinks … and blinks … and blinks at you, all the while waiting for something to be written. It maddening, like hair pulling, I’m going to go drink a bottle of whisky until I pass out in a gutter maddening.

Fortunately I am not suffering from that age old ailment. No, I on the other hand suffer from a similarly devastating creative killer called WORK. It’s not that I’ve had a lack of things to write about, simply a lack of time.

So not that things have started to get a little easier down here in South America I plan to write a little more, hopefully everyone’s still interested!


New Breweries

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I love seeing new breweries popping up all over the place!  It seems like every time I return to a place I find that there is at least if not a few more new breweries. Some believe that we are currently in a Microbrewery growth bubble and that soon enough it will pot sending thousands of microbreweries and brewpub nation wide to their sober graves. I am not a economist so I can say with any conviction whether their is any foundation to this claim but I certainly hope not.

I’d like to see the boom in brew facilities as a revolution not just a fad. Sure, if a brewery has bad beer, bad service and bad marketing then its going to die, and it probably deserves to do so just like any other competitor in the hospitality/brewing industry. But whats great about having so many little breweries is that it 1. forces those breweries to seek out their own little niches through hard work, good beer and creativity. And 2. They provide a local sense of pride. Its no longer what state has the best beer, but what city, and in some places what neighborhood.

In the U.K every neighborhood has its local pub and its patrons are both loyal and competitive. They say your local pub is where you will have your first drink as a kid and where you should have your last before you die. It’s inspiring to see the bonding and comradery that is developed simply out of the pride for ones own neighborhood.

Perhaps not all new microbreweries will grow to become  powerhouses like Stone, Rogue, or Victory but as long as every one is free to choose the beer they want to drink where they want to drink I say brew on! 

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