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A tower of some of the delicious beers I’ve been brewing these last months in Ecuador.


New Breweries

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I love seeing new breweries popping up all over the place!  It seems like every time I return to a place I find that there is at least if not a few more new breweries. Some believe that we are currently in a Microbrewery growth bubble and that soon enough it will pot sending thousands of microbreweries and brewpub nation wide to their sober graves. I am not a economist so I can say with any conviction whether their is any foundation to this claim but I certainly hope not.

I’d like to see the boom in brew facilities as a revolution not just a fad. Sure, if a brewery has bad beer, bad service and bad marketing then its going to die, and it probably deserves to do so just like any other competitor in the hospitality/brewing industry. But whats great about having so many little breweries is that it 1. forces those breweries to seek out their own little niches through hard work, good beer and creativity. And 2. They provide a local sense of pride. Its no longer what state has the best beer, but what city, and in some places what neighborhood.

In the U.K every neighborhood has its local pub and its patrons are both loyal and competitive. They say your local pub is where you will have your first drink as a kid and where you should have your last before you die. It’s inspiring to see the bonding and comradery that is developed simply out of the pride for ones own neighborhood.

Perhaps not all new microbreweries will grow to become  powerhouses like Stone, Rogue, or Victory but as long as every one is free to choose the beer they want to drink where they want to drink I say brew on! 

Algunas diferencias entre las Ales y las Lagers

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The Beer Daily

Ya varias veces nos han preguntado qué tan diferentes son las cervezas Ale de las Lager, y bueno, esto depende de qué estilo de Ale y Lager tomes como referencia (son muchísimas derivaciones, sobre todo de las Ale), pero acá les compartimos una infografía con algunos de los aspectos básicos que diferencian a una cerveza Ale de una cerveza Lager, esperamos que les sea útil y la compartan en sus redes sociales para que más gente tenga más info útil sobre la sabrosa cerveza.

The Beer Daily Dudes.

diseño de infografía por el Señor Smith


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The Awesome Brewery that is Stone

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Here is a great interview with Greg Koch and Steve Wagner the owners of Stone Brewing.,0,5332429.story 

The interview talks with Koch and Wagner about their humble start and how they became a powerhouse in Brewing. Its a quick read but really gives you some insight into what life is like starting a new business especially in a new market.

I’ve always enjoyed Stone but reading this confirms for me how awesome the Brewery is. The owners distribute themselves and help out smaller local breweries

The company pours competing craft beers at its restaurant. Helping other brewers may seem counterproductive, but not to Stone’s founders. The idea, Koch said, is to build interest in flavorful, craft-brewed beer and steal customers from large breweries that hold a majority of market share.

Koch and Wagner are true believers in what it means to be a craft brewer. They understand that we all have to stick together in order to beat the big guys. Its not about competing against each other but against the Industry.

Personal Brewery

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…. I am both amazed and appalled at the same time. Don’t get me wrong this think looks awesome, its sleek, efficient and looks like it might do the trick, but it takes all the fun out of brewing beer. Sure if you work 70 hours a week and don’t have the time to dive into the mash (or you just have no idea what the fuck you are doing and want a party gift to show off to all your snobbish friends) then this might be kind of cool. However, it takes the beauty and love out of brewing and turns it into soulless process no much better than industrial beer. Brews are alchemists. They take the base elements of grains, hops, yeast and water and turn it into a fabulous golden drink of the gods. This machine turns brewers simply into industrial brew machine operators. Its kind of like those silly one serve coffee machines people have started buying.

Whats next, a machine that has sex for us…?

A pint for Dionysus

Now, I don’t happen to have an extra $4,600+ but…maybe you do? Even if not, this is a pretty cool looking system.

Of course, I don’t think I can completely trust a process that doesn’t allow the user to add in the hops or grain they think they should. I’m an extract or partial-mash (at best) brewer anyway and I know I don’t want to trust a syrup that someone else made that apparently ‘has everything’. It just feels a bit anti-homebrewing. Robobrewing.

But nobody’s trying to take away my kettle just yet, so I can just share and move on.

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The Beer Brand Identity

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Hopefully ” buy local” which is generally applied to produce and food will extend to the beer market as well. There is a time and place for cheap beer like Budweiser but I think that once you get use to it buying locally from a microbrewery is much more satisfying. Not only is there a sense of pride in having bought a great beer that is made locally but its fun to meet the faces behind that beer, and some times if your lucky those local brewers will pass you a pint or two.

Beer Review: Avatar Jasmine IPA

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And last but certainly not least, my favorite Elysian Brewing Company’s Avatar Jasmine IPA


India Pale Ale


Pours golden copper with a lively head. Avatar has a very floral nose while the taste is an elegant balance allowing the subtle flavor of jasmine to prevail while still delivering the I.P.A.’s essential hoppiness.

Pale, 45° Crystal, Munich and Cara-hell

Bittered with German Northern Brewer, finished with Glacier and Amarillo hops

Dried jasmine flowers added in the boil and hopback

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 45

Elysian Brewing

Elysian Brewing is hands down one of my favorite beers so when my co-worker brought back the Avatar I was ecstatic. Avatar has been one of my favorite ever since I tried it years ago. I am a self proclaimed Hop Head and my favorite style of beer is probably an IPA that being said, the Avatar is a very different style of IPA.

As you might be able to guess from its name its brewed with a flavor of Jasmine. When drinking an Avatar the first flavor I tasted was the hops. At 40 IBU the hops are subtle and light so that they don’t overpower the Jasmine. The Jasmine flavor comes towards the end and lingers on your tongue for a while after you’ve finished.

After I take a sip of Avatar I feel like I am walking through a field of Jasmine  my fingers outstretched brushing against their soft white flower petals, with the sun beating down upon on my back. In essences drinking a pint of Avatar makes me feel like I am in Elysian, the fabled realm ofthe  Greek after life( akin to heaven) where only the brave and worth go to spend eternity.

For an IPA Avatar is light on hops but it makes up for it in other ways as “East meets the NorthWest”  in this stunning combination.  Avatar is one of my favorite beers and I highly recommend trying it. It may not turn out to be your favorite but I think any one can enjoy the complexity of a beer crafted to the level of Elysian’s Avatar.

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