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Duel Brewing

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Throwing back a beer at the classy Duel Brewing

Throwing back a beer at the classy Duel Brewing

There is a lot of good beer in New Mexico right now and one of my favorites is Duel Brewing in Satan Fe. Duel Brewing has been open for two years now and brew in a Belgian style that is new and exciting to the area. They are the first brewery in 15 years and claim the designation of proudly being part of the “Mid-Town” .



If you are a  beer lover you should defiantly check Duel Brewing out.


Opening a Brewery in Ecuador, South America

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Bandido Brewing, a new Microbrewery located in the old town of Quito.

I moved to Ecuador over a year and a half ago to help open a hostel. During my time at the hostel my Co-workers and I found that there was a general lack of good beer in Ecuador. Ecuador, like many South American countries has a beer industry monopolized by watery German style lagers which I am sure at one point ( in the early 1900’s or so ) was great. However, most of it has fallen to being the same if not worse than the large commercial brewers of the United States (Budweiser, Coors, etc. etc.).


So all of us having gone to college in the Pacific Northwest I am sure you could understand not only our frustration but also our withdrawals. It was about six months into our craft beer fending that we decided to do something about it, and no we didn’t just decide to give in and sacrifice our dignity and taste buds for a little beer.


So what would you say the rational solution to our dilemma was?

Open our own Microbrewery of course! Well, I don’t know if id say it was rational but that was our solution.

Now that was about a year ago that we decided to open a Brewery and since then we’ve had just about every set back you could imagine, and although we are still not officially open we have come a great deal closer to our dream of creating a new hopciety in Ecuador. Truthfully, all that is left is getting all of our permits done (which is a bureaucratic nightmare in Ecuador I’ll have you know! ). We have the beer, we have the following and once we open we are going to work our asses off to bring some of the Pacific Northwest beer culture to Ecuador!


So check out our website, our facebook, or just drop by and have a pint with us.

The Awesome Brewery that is Stone

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Here is a great interview with Greg Koch and Steve Wagner the owners of Stone Brewing.,0,5332429.story 

The interview talks with Koch and Wagner about their humble start and how they became a powerhouse in Brewing. Its a quick read but really gives you some insight into what life is like starting a new business especially in a new market.

I’ve always enjoyed Stone but reading this confirms for me how awesome the Brewery is. The owners distribute themselves and help out smaller local breweries

The company pours competing craft beers at its restaurant. Helping other brewers may seem counterproductive, but not to Stone’s founders. The idea, Koch said, is to build interest in flavorful, craft-brewed beer and steal customers from large breweries that hold a majority of market share.

Koch and Wagner are true believers in what it means to be a craft brewer. They understand that we all have to stick together in order to beat the big guys. Its not about competing against each other but against the Industry.

The Beer Brand Identity

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Hopefully ” buy local” which is generally applied to produce and food will extend to the beer market as well. There is a time and place for cheap beer like Budweiser but I think that once you get use to it buying locally from a microbrewery is much more satisfying. Not only is there a sense of pride in having bought a great beer that is made locally but its fun to meet the faces behind that beer, and some times if your lucky those local brewers will pass you a pint or two.

Beer Review: Avatar Jasmine IPA

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And last but certainly not least, my favorite Elysian Brewing Company’s Avatar Jasmine IPA


India Pale Ale


Pours golden copper with a lively head. Avatar has a very floral nose while the taste is an elegant balance allowing the subtle flavor of jasmine to prevail while still delivering the I.P.A.’s essential hoppiness.

Pale, 45° Crystal, Munich and Cara-hell

Bittered with German Northern Brewer, finished with Glacier and Amarillo hops

Dried jasmine flowers added in the boil and hopback

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 45

Elysian Brewing

Elysian Brewing is hands down one of my favorite beers so when my co-worker brought back the Avatar I was ecstatic. Avatar has been one of my favorite ever since I tried it years ago. I am a self proclaimed Hop Head and my favorite style of beer is probably an IPA that being said, the Avatar is a very different style of IPA.

As you might be able to guess from its name its brewed with a flavor of Jasmine. When drinking an Avatar the first flavor I tasted was the hops. At 40 IBU the hops are subtle and light so that they don’t overpower the Jasmine. The Jasmine flavor comes towards the end and lingers on your tongue for a while after you’ve finished.

After I take a sip of Avatar I feel like I am walking through a field of Jasmine  my fingers outstretched brushing against their soft white flower petals, with the sun beating down upon on my back. In essences drinking a pint of Avatar makes me feel like I am in Elysian, the fabled realm ofthe  Greek after life( akin to heaven) where only the brave and worth go to spend eternity.

For an IPA Avatar is light on hops but it makes up for it in other ways as “East meets the NorthWest”  in this stunning combination.  Avatar is one of my favorite beers and I highly recommend trying it. It may not turn out to be your favorite but I think any one can enjoy the complexity of a beer crafted to the level of Elysian’s Avatar.

Beer Review: 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA

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I live in South America so it’s a real treat when I get to drink a decent beer, let alone an IPA. So when my co-worker brought down three beers for us to drink I was stoked. I mean really stoked, depriving a North Westerner of their beer is like depriving a monkey of …well his bananas.

So the first up that we tried was the Apocalypse IPA from 10 Barrel. I have never had any beer from 10 Barrel before that I can recall but my co-worker loves their entire line so I was more than happy to try it.


First a little information about the Apocalypse IPA:

Malts: 2-row Pale, Victory, Crystal
Hops: Horizon, Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade
ABV: 6.5%
IBU’s:  65

I love hoppy beer but I haven’t had much beer lately above about 30 IBU’s so getting drink a 65 IBU beer was a little intense, in a good way of course. 10 Barrel has bigger IPAs like their HOP Junkie which is 95 IBUs but for the time being I was perfectly content with the hops and flavor profile of the Apocalypse IPA. Apocalypse wasn’t the best IPA I have ever had but it holds true to its style and although it didn’t give me the “wow whats this” reaction, it brought a smile to my face as the familiar flavor of my favorite beer style danced upon my pallet. It was a little bit like home…

With that being said I also really enjoyed reading the description on the back of bottle. It was short, but quirky and rang home with a description as a “Northwest Style IPA”.

Which brings up another point… there are American IPAs which differ them selves from English IPAs. Is there a chance that NWIPAs might become a new style upon its self?

Next Up, the 10 Barrel Sinister Black Ale

Stand Up and Fight, Throw off the shackles of the Industrial Breweries

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Industrial Brew

It’s time for the revolution. For far too long have we been enslaved to the power hungry, money grubbing, taste bud robbing Industrial Beers. The CEOs and Head Brewer’s see us only as numbers, as market trends and profit margins. They have taken an art and turned it into weak, characterless beer attached to dollar $igns. Low is the brewmaster who sells his soul to the devils of the faceless industry, lower even still than the CEOs for the brewer knows the beauty of the art and potential of hi craft yet still lets the machine control his dreams.

There was a time when people look pride in their fermentation. A time when to brew was to create and to create was to be divine. Ever family or clan ( regardless of geographic location) had a secret recipe for fermenting that defined the family and was guarded well. Now cogs and wheels turn mills and drones boil the wort.

There is hope though. A beautiful taste off in the distances still within reach.  The rise of the micro brew, and the home brew will lead us to our salvation.

Together we will drink libations of deep flavor and character. Beer that has gravity and charm. No more 3.5 %, no more over carbonated water.

We will prevail, let the fun begin.

Raise a glass to the Brewrevolution.

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