Full Disclosure, False Dichotomy

Well written and to the point. As most are quick to notice I can be a crusader against the Macros for a few reasons (mostly the potential monopoly powers they poses, and the elimination of diversity ) However, the company is different than the people that work for it or especially the people who write about it.

Macro companies are obviously brilliant (generally … ) at marketing and selling but just because they try to influence and turn a few the neutral/opposition doesn’t mean they succeeded

And taking up Budwiser on a free adventure isn’t really selling out, its just keeping an open mind. And in a way sticking it to them, so bravo.

Edit: In fact, I’m a little jealous. I’d love to have AB pay for something like this for me ( I might have accidentally started a fire in their malt field but that’s a whole different thing) !

Literature and Libation

Full Disclosure: Anheuser-Busch paid to fly me out to Wyoming and Idaho to view some of their barley farms and a malt processing facility. They covered my travel, lodging, food, drink, and other costs.

Additional, personal disclosure: At the risk of alienating a subsection of readers, I fully admit: it was awesome. I drank some pilot beer that will never see market, met some wonderful folks, and put more knowledge about agrarian logistics into my brain than I had previously planned to this summer. That said, I’m still the same Oliver now that I was when I got on a plane on Sunday.

But realistically, the conversation about disclosure is fruitless.

If someone pays for your trip, you disclose. There are forms. You sign them. Game over. A winner is you.

I’m much more concerned with the handling of disclosure. Without rehashing too much of what Michael Kiser of Good…

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