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Full Disclosure, False Dichotomy

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Well written and to the point. As most are quick to notice I can be a crusader against the Macros for a few reasons (mostly the potential monopoly powers they poses, and the elimination of diversity ) However, the company is different than the people that work for it or especially the people who write about it.

Macro companies are obviously brilliant (generally … ) at marketing and selling but just because they try to influence and turn a few the neutral/opposition doesn’t mean they succeeded

And taking up Budwiser on a free adventure isn’t really selling out, its just keeping an open mind. And in a way sticking it to them, so bravo.

Edit: In fact, I’m a little jealous. I’d love to have AB pay for something like this for me ( I might have accidentally started a fire in their malt field but that’s a whole different thing) !

Literature and Libation

Full Disclosure: Anheuser-Busch paid to fly me out to Wyoming and Idaho to view some of their barley farms and a malt processing facility. They covered my travel, lodging, food, drink, and other costs.

Additional, personal disclosure: At the risk of alienating a subsection of readers, I fully admit: it was awesome. I drank some pilot beer that will never see market, met some wonderful folks, and put more knowledge about agrarian logistics into my brain than I had previously planned to this summer. That said, I’m still the same Oliver now that I was when I got on a plane on Sunday.

But realistically, the conversation about disclosure is fruitless.

If someone pays for your trip, you disclose. There are forms. You sign them. Game over. A winner is you.

I’m much more concerned with the handling of disclosure. Without rehashing too much of what Michael Kiser of Good…

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Brothers in Hops

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Today Ninkasi announced that they had decided to pare up with another great brewery, Sierra Nevada to do a collaboration. Of sorts.


Opening the gates to a great collaboration.

Instead of getting together to tag team a beer like you might expect the two power house breweries decided to go a slightly more artist route.

As most people know by now Sierra Nevada is opening another Brew-house on the east coast and to adorn the front entrance to their eastern (imperial) expansion they teamed up with Ninkasi to create something that is both beautifully crafted and rustically practical.


As a fellow brewer -and I’d like to think. somewhat decent human being- I love to see collaborations between Microbreweries. Sure, there is a bit of industry competitiveness growing in the Microbrewery world as markets are saturated and margins narrow but when you really break it down most brands have the same core values and desires to brew the best product they possibly can and in socially responsible way. They have a passion for their craft and a dedication to their consumer which I think as common ground can bridge any divide.

So Kudos to you Sierra Nevada and Ninkasi! You an example I hope we can all learn from

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