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Still Rocking

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 7, 2014 by themadhopper

You know those times when you have the proverbial¬†writers block to work around? When you sit staring at your computer screen for hours on end as the text cursor simply blinks … and blinks … and blinks at you, all the while waiting for something to be written. It maddening, like hair pulling, I’m going to go drink a bottle of whisky until I pass out in a gutter maddening.

Fortunately I am not suffering from that age old ailment. No, I on the other hand suffer from a similarly devastating creative killer called WORK. It’s not that I’ve had a lack of things to write about, simply a lack of time.

So not that things have started to get a little easier down here in South America I plan to write a little more, hopefully everyone’s still interested!


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