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Opening a Brewery in Ecuador, South America

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Bandido Brewing, a new Microbrewery located in the old town of Quito.

I moved to Ecuador over a year and a half ago to help open a hostel. During my time at the hostel my Co-workers and I found that there was a general lack of good beer in Ecuador. Ecuador, like many South American countries has a beer industry monopolized by watery German style lagers which I am sure at one point ( in the early 1900’s or so ) was great. However, most of it has fallen to being the same if not worse than the large commercial brewers of the United States (Budweiser, Coors, etc. etc.).


So all of us having gone to college in the Pacific Northwest I am sure you could understand not only our frustration but also our withdrawals. It was about six months into our craft beer fending that we decided to do something about it, and no we didn’t just decide to give in and sacrifice our dignity and taste buds for a little beer.


So what would you say the rational solution to our dilemma was?

Open our own Microbrewery of course! Well, I don’t know if id say it was rational but that was our solution.

Now that was about a year ago that we decided to open a Brewery and since then we’ve had just about every set back you could imagine, and although we are still not officially open we have come a great deal closer to our dream of creating a new hopciety in Ecuador. Truthfully, all that is left is getting all of our permits done (which is a bureaucratic nightmare in Ecuador I’ll have you know! ). We have the beer, we have the following and once we open we are going to work our asses off to bring some of the Pacific Northwest beer culture to Ecuador!


So check out our website, our facebook, or just drop by and have a pint with us.


Bandido Brewing Challenge

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Bandido Brewing Challenge

Taking a short break in between brew session to keep our minds sharp!


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A tower of some of the delicious beers I’ve been brewing these last months in Ecuador.

New Breweries

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I love seeing new breweries popping up all over the place!  It seems like every time I return to a place I find that there is at least if not a few more new breweries. Some believe that we are currently in a Microbrewery growth bubble and that soon enough it will pot sending thousands of microbreweries and brewpub nation wide to their sober graves. I am not a economist so I can say with any conviction whether their is any foundation to this claim but I certainly hope not.

I’d like to see the boom in brew facilities as a revolution not just a fad. Sure, if a brewery has bad beer, bad service and bad marketing then its going to die, and it probably deserves to do so just like any other competitor in the hospitality/brewing industry. But whats great about having so many little breweries is that it 1. forces those breweries to seek out their own little niches through hard work, good beer and creativity. And 2. They provide a local sense of pride. Its no longer what state has the best beer, but what city, and in some places what neighborhood.

In the U.K every neighborhood has its local pub and its patrons are both loyal and competitive. They say your local pub is where you will have your first drink as a kid and where you should have your last before you die. It’s inspiring to see the bonding and comradery that is developed simply out of the pride for ones own neighborhood.

Perhaps not all new microbreweries will grow to become  powerhouses like Stone, Rogue, or Victory but as long as every one is free to choose the beer they want to drink where they want to drink I say brew on! 

Algunas diferencias entre las Ales y las Lagers

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The Beer Daily

Ya varias veces nos han preguntado qué tan diferentes son las cervezas Ale de las Lager, y bueno, esto depende de qué estilo de Ale y Lager tomes como referencia (son muchísimas derivaciones, sobre todo de las Ale), pero acá les compartimos una infografía con algunos de los aspectos básicos que diferencian a una cerveza Ale de una cerveza Lager, esperamos que les sea útil y la compartan en sus redes sociales para que más gente tenga más info útil sobre la sabrosa cerveza.

The Beer Daily Dudes.

diseño de infografía por el Señor Smith


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